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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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Before you can configure the Data Stream Controller (DSC) to prepare for backup and restore, you must have an Analytics Database / Teradata Database instance and the DSC set up in AWS. See the Teradata® VantageCloud Enterprise on AWS (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide, B035-2800, Planning Worksheet for Vantage on AWS (DIY) section and follow those instructions to launch Teradata instances and configure the DSC in AWS.

While setting up your Teradata system in AWS be aware of the following items:
  • Select a database instance that includes the DSC AMI
  • S3 storage is recommended with Teradata DSC
Once you have launched a database instance that includes the DSC, be sure to follow the instructions in these topics (in this order) under Data Stream Controller Configuration:
  1. Initializing a DSC Instance
  2. Configuring and Initializing ClientHandler on Vantage Nodes
  3. Configuring Additional EBS Storage for a DSC Instance
  4. Configuring BAR Portlets on a Viewpoint Instance