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Teradata® Data Lab User Guide

Teradata Data Lab
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June 2018
English (United States)
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Analytical Ecosystem

The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator must assign the Manage Lab Groups permission using Roles Manager for your Viewpoint role to change the default settings. This role can change the default settings for the lab size, lab expiration, lab instructions, lab request limits, lab owner email notifications, or deleting expired labs.

You can submit a new request to add a lab using the Requests tab if at least one lab group exists. You will receive an email notification that either approves or denies your request.

You can submit a request to be added to a lab if at least one lab exists. The Add User button appears after you add the Data Labs portlet from the Add Content view and log in, allowing you to submit a request. You will receive an email notification after your request has been approved, depending on your email notification settings.

If a selected user or role is read-only at the lab group level, the read-only option for that user or role is hidden for associated labs. You can upgrade a read-only user or role to full permission by selecting them in the individual labs. If you want to change a user with full permission to read-only, remove them from the lab and add them again.

If a selected user or role has full permission at the lab group level, they will not appear in the list of available users for associated labs because they already have full access in associated labs.