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June 2018
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You can view a log of submitted requests and export the data in the request log depending on what type of user you are.
  • Lab group owners can view a log and export the data for labs within their lab group.
  • Lab owners can view a log and export the data for labs that they own.
  • Lab users can view a log and export the data for their requests and requests by other users in their lab.

A single identification number is assigned to one request, and the Action columns displays which steps processed in the request. By sorting on the ID number and then reviewing the information in the Action, Date, and Status columns, you can determine the date and time the request, approval, and execution steps were processed and the status of each step.

  1. Click the Requests tab.
  2. [Optional] Click View Request Log to display a list of requests for all labs on your Teradata Database to which you have access. For a description of all the columns in the request log, see Metrics for Request Log.

  3. [Optional] To export the data in the request log, do the following:
    1. Click the Table Actions list, and select Export.
    2. Save the file using the browser options. The file is saved to your download area or to a location that you specify, depending on the browser settings.