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Teradata® Data Lab User Guide

Teradata Data Lab
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June 2018
English (United States)
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Analytical Ecosystem

Data labs are created and maintained by the Teradata Database Administrator (DBA) or by designated owners depending on the needs of the organization. A best practice is to create a team that defines the needs of the organization and establishes governance, practices, and characteristics for the data labs.

The Data Labs portlet allows you to add lab groups. As part of the lab group creation, defaults are defined for each data lab provisioned within the lab group. Additionally, access and approval controls and lab instructions can be established. Lab instructions provide guidance and best practices to help lab users. For example, provide information for loading data into objects using Teradata Data Mover or load utilities such as FastLoad or MultiLoad. Make a lab group private for security or other reasons so the labs in the lab group are only available to a restricted set of Teradata Database users and roles. After the lab group is created, the DBA has the ability to provision a data lab within the lab group and can assign lab group owners who approve user and space requests. Some of those requests can be set to be automatically approved. After a request to add a lab is approved, the lab can be immediately used.

The DBA can load data from external sources or aggregate data from production objects. The user can either email the owner or send a request when the data is ready to go into production. A request sends a message to the lab owner. The lab owner or the DBA can move the objects into production in accordance with corporate policies.