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A high availability configuration is the base configuration for a Data Mover system. If a primary (designated-active) component of a system becomes unavailable, a high availability configuration makes sure that the system continues to function with components running on the secondary (designated-standby) system.

A high availability configuration depends on a monitoring service, which monitors the actively running components and services through SSH connections. If any of the designated-active services stop running, a failover sequence begins the process of allowing the designated-standby component to take over for the designated-active component.

The following monitoring service requirements apply in a high availability environment:
  • The daemon, agent, Data Mover REST, ActiveMQ, and sync monitor service on the active and standby components are run using user dmuser
  • The monitoring service cannot be used to monitor Data Mover components if a user other than dmuser has been set up to run these services.
  • The bundled DSA service must be run with the user dscuser.