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When configuring the sync service, do not have running jobs on either the active or standby servers and make sure the repositories are in synchronization. You can synchronize the repositories using one of the following methods:
  • Before configuration: Run the backup_daemon and restore_daemon commands
  • During configuration: Let dmsync config perform the backup and restore during the configuration process
The dmsync config command does not check if there are running jobs when doing a backup and restore of the system. If this is a concern, run the Data Mover backup and restore commands before configuring the synchronization service.
  1. On the active repository server, go to cd /var/opt/teradata/postgres/data to change the Postgres configuration.
  2. In postgresql.conf, change wal_level to logical.
    wal_level = logical
  3. Restart the active repository:
    • /etc/init.d/postgresql stop
    • /etc/init.d/postgresql start
  4. On the active server , edit the file and set the sync.isMaster property to true.
  5. On the standby server, edit the file and set the sync.isMaster property to false.
  6. On the active server, set the property in the file as the hostname for the active server.
    Use a name other than localhost as the host name.
  7. On the active server, configure the sync service:
    /opt/teradata/datamover/sync/nn.nn/dmsync config
    Where nn.nn in the path refers to the version numbers of Data Mover.
  8. When prompted, respond to the following:
    1. Select the Setup Replication Service option.
    2. Provide the standby server name.
    3. On the standby server, provide the Postgres user credentials.
    4. Answer y or n to backup and restore the repository from the active to the standby server.
  9. Verify that /var/opt/teradata/logs/dmSync.log is configured properly and the sync monitor is running on the active server.
    The monitoring service automatically starts once the configuration process completes successfully.