Migrate ARC Jobs to DSA | Teradata Data Mover - 17.05 - Migrating Existing ARC Jobs to DSA - Teradata Data Mover

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October 2020
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As of Data Mover 17.00, ARC is no longer a supported copy method. After upgrading to Data Mover 17.00 or later, jobs with ARC defined as the copy method no longer work. This includes jobs with the following options:
  • Job forces the use of ARC as the force utility
  • Job uses the freeze job steps option and the current job plan uses ARC

Teradata recommends using DSA as the replacement copy method for ARC. Support for DSA was added in Data Mover 16.20. Any existing ARC jobs can be migrated to DSA as part of the upgrade using the migration tool provided with the Data Mover 17.00 package or before the upgrade using the tool found at /opt/teradata/datamover/support/arcmigration. A readme file is provided with instructions on running the tool.