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Teradata Data Mover
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April 2020
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English (United States)
Improvements are changes to existing features that enhance the operation of Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.
Improvement Description
DM-30901 Data Mover now supports the TTU 17.00 release.
DM-30902 The Data Mover command line is now available to run on SLES 15
DM-31368 Data Mover translations for Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Spanish are now included for the 17.00 release.
DM-32080 The Data Mover list_jobs command with status_mode C now returns all completed and completed_with_warnings jobs
DM-32099 The jobSize, hadoopProgress Complete and submitTime values are now returned as part of Rest API response for JobStatus
DM-32121 The Data Mover failover monitor now takes into account the REST component when determining if a failover should occur.
DM-32333 Data Mover now supports "in-place" upgrades of supported DSC versions without requiring a full Data Mover upgrade.
DM-32352 The Data Mover script now supports start/stop/status of the tdmrest component.
DM-32470 Known compatibility issues have now been added to the Data Mover documentation.
DM-32547 Data Mover now includes bundled DSC with the release.