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Teradata Data Mover
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April 2020
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English (United States)
The following are new features that enhance the operation of Teradata Data Mover (Data Mover):
  • Data Mover now supports moving data to/from the 17.00 SQL Engine
  • Data Mover now copies Foreign Table definitions in support of the SQLE 17.00 Native Object Store feature
  • The Data Mover Portlet and CommandLine user interfaces now communicate with the standard Data Mover REST Interface
  • Data Mover now supports customer provided certificates for the REST interface
  • Data Mover now offers option to treat tables being Fast/Multi-loaded as warnings rather than failures
  • Data Mover now supports an option to enable or disable copying statistics at the job level instead of only at the object level
  • Data Mover now provides ARC migration support for existing jobs now that ARC is no longer supported as a data movement option
  • Additional Security enhancements