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January 2022
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Improvements are changes to existing features that enhance the operation of Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.

Improvement Description
DM-34425 Data Mover now supports TDActiveMQ
DM-34489 Improved default values for postgres synchronization wal_*_timeout configuration to account for network outages.
DM-34611 Improved DM Upgrade script to use existing Postgres data directory, if it exists.
DM-34615 Data Mover now embeds DSA release.
DM-34657 DSC name in DM Cloud deployments is now set to hostname instead of IP address after elimination of 22 character DSC name length limitation.
DM-34707 Customers were facing problem to change the DSCNAME after prior install. Data Mover upgraded script eliminates this problems now by using DSCNAME from file when creating the /tmp/dsainputs file.