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June 2021
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Improvements are changes to existing features that enhance the operation of Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.

Improvement Description
DM-30339 Error messages for Data Mover DSA jobs has been improved.
DM-32510 Data Mover command line setting for broker.url is now automatically migrated to when upgrading from older versions.
DM-33128 Data Mover now supports Postgres repository on a separate block device on AWS to facilitate snapshot backups.
DM-33178 The Data Mover build_dsainputs script has been improved to more easily support large systems by using hostname ranges.
DM-33409 Data Mover CMIC support enhanced to use REST port 443 instead of 9981.
DM-33490 Data Mover now uses "-" instead of non-standard "_" character in default hostname on cloud deployments.
DM-33554 Data Mover now supports the TTU 17.10 release.
DM-33583 Data Mover DSA Network Fabric script has been improved in multiple ways based on customer feedback.
DM-33744 Data Mover job creation no longer hangs when the target table has a lock.
DM-33809 Data Mover sample REST scripts updated for Python3 and other improvements.
DM-33905 Data Mover now checks if the repository is up or not multiple times before initiating a failover to eliminate transient networking issues.
DM-33909 Data Mover now provides automation for setting up DM/DSA TLS 1.2 encryption environments
DM-34047 The DSA network fabric script no longer fails if multiple target groups use the same prefix or if customers use the same bynet address on the source and target systems.