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June 2021
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Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.

Issues Description
DM-33500 Parameterized start of a Data Mover job now properly calculates streams dynamically.
DM-33602 Data Mover's dsa_configfabric script no longer fails if there is no source or target media servers.
DM-33804 Data Mover repository migration no longer encounters error "violates foreign key constraint" when applying foreign key on table stream_process_info.
DM-33942 Data Mover command line list_tasks command no longer shows incorrect timestamp
DM-33944 Data Mover TPT job no longer hangs due to initial job setup failure not being properly caught.
DM-34030 Data Mover commands now consistently handle and trim white space before or after job name.
VPDM-86 Data Mover Portlet no longer has issues editing the daemon configuration after previously changing it.
VPDM-105 The Data Mover portlet is no longer missing jobs status output for old job executions.