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Teradata® Data Mover Release Definition

Teradata Data Mover
Release Number
Release Date
October 2019
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Release Notes
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English (United States)
Date Release Description
October 2019
  • Added support for Swaggar documentation.
  • Added support for collecting statistics on product usage using server management.
May 2019
  • Added support for the Feature Update 2 database repository.
  • Added the Query Band feature is now on by default.
November 2018
  • Added information for default max per agents when a value is not specified.
  • Added information on newly supported JDK versions.
  • Added information on new DSA parameters.
  • Added information on supported TDCH versions.
May 2018
  • Added information for copying function aliases
  • Added information for copying view data from Teradata to Hadoop
  • Added information on using a staging table for a full table copy
December 2017 16.20 Initial release.