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Teradata Data Mover
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October 2019
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English (United States)
Improvements are changes to existing features that enhance the operation of Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.
Improvement Description
DM-28894 Data Mover now includes new REST APIs to enable backup and restore of repository (along with other new REST APIs)
DM-30561 Data Mover now includes a "health check" script that can be used before and after upgrades/installs to validate health of Data Mover product.
DM-31366 Data Mover translations for Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Spanish are now included for the 16.20.25 release.
DM-31373 Data Mover now utilizes TDActiveMQ
DM-31454 Data Mover now provides a script to simplify the creation of DSA Network Fabrics
DM-31532 Data Mover Compare DDL feature will no longer compare the map and colocate properties for source and target tables.
DM-31719 Data Mover now supports all data types supported by Query Grid T2T
DM-31805 Data Mover now includes bundled DSC with the release.
DM-31921 Data Mover build_dsainputs now uses hostname instead of IP when creating dsainputs file
DM-31318 Data Mover queryband feature now supported for QueryGrid T2T and T2H as well as Aster and JDBC jobs.
DM-31292 Data Mover queries to source database on creation of a new job are now optimized.
DM-31236 Data Mover now has the Queryband feature on by default.
DM-31207 Data Mover REST interface now supports only TLSv2.1 or above
DM-31159 Data Mover now supports Error, Warning, Info, and Debug logging levels for DSA Jobs and defaults to Error.
DM-30763 Data Mover now enforces authentication on by default for fresh installs.
DM-30735 Data Mover now provides an https example for Viewpoint URL and Port in file.
DM-30604 Data Mover portlet no longer relies on Query Grid 2.0 foreign server definition to contain the text "Teradata" in order to show up in the foreign server drop down menus.
DM-30526 Data Mover no longer relies on the TDREST framework for its bundled rest interface.
DM-30476 Data Mover upgrade no longer fails in DSC install due to userid collision issue.
DM-30326 Data Mover translations for Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Spanish are now included for the release.
DM-30025 Data Mover property logger.useTviLogger changed to tvi.useLogger for consistency. Upgrade script will automatically change this.
DM-29464 Data Mover synchronization batch execute no longer receives "requires too many SPOOL files" error from the repository.
DM-29362 Data Mover "dmcluster status" command output now shows the status of DSA components
DM-29267 Data Mover failover now automatically starts and stops DSA's DSC component.
DM-18002 Data Mover now supports Azul's OpenJDK
Additional security improvements have been addressed.
DM-29884 Data Mover dsa_configsys script now supports a new –verify option to validate a tdpid is properly resolved by DSA.
DM-28998 The Data Mover install now trims DSCNAME to be no longer than 22 characters, avoiding DSA issues when systems use long hostnames.
DM-28841 Data Mover now allows users with write permission to edit jobs from the portlet.
DM-28835 Data Mover embedded DSA now uses HTTPS by default for REST API calls.
DM-28814 Data Mover RPM packages are now securely signed to guarantee security.
DM-28763 Data Mover now supports the log4j2 debug utility.
DM-28759 Data Mover REST samples now support HTTPS environment.
DM-28705 Data Mover now uses HTTPS by default for REST API calls.
DM-28701 Data Mover sync process no longer utilizes an entire CPU during execution to check for activity.
DM-25384 Data Mover now uses DSA system selector REST API to optimize source/target system configuration.
DM-21858 Data Mover TVI Alerts no longer fail to be generated due to temporary networking issues.
DM-24925 The Data Mover version is now available via a REST API call.
DM-25112 Data Mover now provides the JDBC session id in logs to facilitate debugging of issues.
DM-25299 Data Mover now notifies user in job status output when a job that had freeze job steps needs to be rebuilt for any reason.
DM-25392 Data Mover now allows jobs using Override Lock Access to run if a source table has a write lock.
DM-25589 The Data Mover portlet now provides an option to specify a source staging table when copying view data.
DM-26823 Data Mover failover now supports a simplified single active broker environment.
DM-27139 The Data Mover command line is now available to run on SLES 12 SP2.