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October 2019
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Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata Data Mover 16.20, including related documentation.

Issue Description
DM-31651 Data Mover TPTEx debug log entries are now properly logged to the temp/task_* folder for all tpt tasks.
DM-31709 Data Mover create command on REST API with no job name specified will now properly return the system assigned job name
DM-31752 Data Mover REST interface no longer improperly truncates job names that have period (“.”) in the name
DM-31856 Data Mover REST interface now properly supports map and collocate parameters for foreign server and indices.
DM-31868 Data Mover /daemonProperties REST API now returns the properties that have changed, acting similar to command line’s save_configuration output.
DM-31885 Data Mover trigger for the job_definition table no longer causes issues for Data Mover synchronization services
DM-31175 Data Mover restore_daemon command now works properly as per documented instructions
DM-31111 Data Mover now optimizes metadata queries to dbc.columnsV to eliminate overhead
DM-31088 Data Mover support bundle no longer fails to include dmrest post install file.
DM-31079 Data Mover jobs that moves only statistics now execute properly.
DM-31019 Data Mover TVI Alert now properly thrown in some Daemon initialization timing windows.
DM-31017 Data Mover will no longer use merge to move partial table data from staging to target when identity column is the primary index, which previously resulted in error
DM-30972 Data Mover Purge function now properly purges parameterized job definitions and related rows.
DM-30828 Data Mover edit REST call no longer fails when editing job using group user id pool.
DM-30823 Data Mover restore_daemon command no longer hangs due to missing keystore reference.
DM-30819 Data Mover purge logic no longer fails to remove old records from job_execution_logs repository table.
DM-30700 Data Mover no longer returns "daemon.error.timeout" and status code 500 on REST calls even though job completed successfully.
DM-30691 Data Mover "fresh" install no longer fails if prior Agent install used an Agent ID other than "Agent1".
DM-30664 Data Mover portlet no longer fails to save changes to Data Mover job script due to Javascript error.
DM-30461 Data Mover no longer fails to run Move command from REST interface for JDBC or TPTAPI jobs if exclusion is used for non-table or non-database objects
DM-30403 Data Mover job no longer fails when doing a partial table copy with unique index using a source staging table.
DM-30401 Data Mover no longer fails to stop parameterized job when the job is in the queue
DM-30359 Data Mover portlet no longer shows null for credentials for ID pool in Preview Job screen
DM-30331 Data Mover no longer fails to unlock the correct source user from group pool for restarted ARC jobs
DM-30267 Data Mover no longer receives NullPointerException when running stop command on a job that finishes while stop is executing.
DM-30243 Data Mover now optimizes checks for appropriate utility when multiple objects are defined in the job.
Additional security vulnerabilities have been addressed.
DM-30042 Data Mover portlet now correctly handles default max tasks per agent when user does not specify a value.
DM-30109 Data Mover no longer uses an incorrect directory name when backing up the Data Mover database repository with script.
DM-30111 Data Mover no longer performs extra check if ARC is usable even when the force utility option is used to specify a different copy method.
DM-30163 Data Mover PUT upgrade no longer shows success even if it encountered an error during a schema upgrade.
DM-30168 Data Mover multi-stream ARC job no longer hangs when copying a database that has more than 3000 objects.
DM-30200 Data Mover portlet table settings now properly shows default “Database to client encryption” field as ‘Default’ rather than empty.
DM-30340 Data Mover portlet now properly shows “MOVE_TABLE_DATA” step in preview when moving a table and view data from Teradata to Hadoop.
DM-30347 Data Mover portlet no longer mistakenly clears “Replace entire target database” checkbox after creating a Teradata to Teradata job.
DM-30021 Data Mover REST API no longer returns multiple values for Access-Control-Allow-Origin header, which caused some Angular based REST clients to fail.
DM-30012 Data Mover script no longer fails when using DSA as associated utility.
DM-29902 Data Mover job creation no longer fails for partial copies with validate_row_count "ALL".
DM-29806 Data Mover High Availability setup now displays proper error message rather than "ERROR: null" when certain error conditions are encountered.
DM-29619 Data Mover now attempts to fail properly when dealing with repository "JDBC timeout 802" exceptions.
DM-29458 Data Mover Portlets no longer leave old versioned artifacts behind after portlet package upgrade.
DM-29291 Data Mover upgrade no longer fails if Agent ID is not the default name "Agent1".
DM-29421 Data Mover no longer fails to copy trigger to target system when trigger didn’t exist on target and DDL for trigger was greater than 32k in size.
DM-29399 Data Mover repository purge is no longer mistakenly killed by purge watchdog timer after initial proper purge execution
DM-29324 Data Mover Teradata to Hadoop jobs no longer fail when executing jobs a second time
DM-29295 Data Mover no longer mistakenly runs the same job twice when jobs of different priority are submitted
DM-29268 Data Mover Daemon’s job notification thread no longer fails and now properly notifies command line requests that jobs have started
DM-29261 Data Mover no longer has trouble encrypting dbc and datamover passwords when only one password is changed
DM-29204 Data Mover portlet no longer loses job permissions if job is edited through portlet
DM-29157 Data Mover installation no longer assumes the install user's shell is sh or bash.
DM-29152 Data Mover no longer generates "Duplicate row error" when two event tables are specified in a job and both event tables use the same user and same system.
DM-29150 Data Mover no longer continuously logs errors if issue occurs when logging data to event table database.
DM-29117 Data Mover Create Job command no longer generates "The UserId, Password or Account is invalid" error in daemon log even though the create job succeeded.
DM-29115 Data Mover install no longer fails with "Error: dsc name contains invalid character".
DM-29076 Data Mover DSA jobs no longer incorrectly set soft stream limit on jobs that don't specifically include stream limit parameters.
DM-29037 Data Mover 'static' jobs now properly execute appropriate job steps as part of job execution.
DM-29024 Data Mover no longer gets an error when editing an ARC job that contains view and uses source staging table option.
DM-29012 Data Mover now properly encrypts default DBC password.
DM-29007 Data Mover jobs no longer fail with "NoSuchAlgorithmException" and "The port number 25168 is already in use" after upgrade to 16.20.xx failed to properly install the data mover keystore.
DM-28981 The Data Mover Failover active monitor no longer fills up error logs by logging errors every few seconds.
DM-28901 Editing objects in the Data Mover job definition in REST or Command line now work properly.
DM-28900 Data Mover portlet is now reporting correct number of bytes copied in Job Status screen for completed jobs.
DM-28895 Data Mover REST APIs now work properly when upgrading specifically from Data Mover 15.10.01 version.
DM-28860 Data Mover http REST calls are now properly redirected to https for new installs via PUT.
DM-28831 The Data Mover Support bundle script now properly collects files from the logs/temp folder.
DM-28675 The Data Mover "dmcluster config" command now logs appropriate message when incorrect hostname (such as localhost) is specified in file.
DM-27572 Data Mover secondary synchronization server no longer encounters "Duplicate row error in DATAMOVER.sync_configuration" error when Sync configuration property is True and sync server is stopped and restarted.
DM-27530 Data Mover synchronization server now properly handles synchronization of multi-byte characters
DM-27523 The Data Mover REST API no longer receives "Marshal to xml failed" exception, which caused subsequent DM REST API commands to hang
DM-27516 Data Mover Job status no longer shows incorrect duration for NOPI table copies with ARC
DM-27441 Data Mover failover and monitor properties files are no longer missing after DM upgrade from 16.00/16.10 using TDPUT
DM-27438 Data Mover now returns a meaningful error message for unsupported object types, such as object kind Z (User Input File)
DM-27349 Data Mover portlet now shows MOVE TABLE DATA steps when copying view and its data
DM-27323 Data Mover status command no longer fails to report root cause of job failures that occur before first job step
DM-27261 Data Mover REST cleanup call now returns proper job name (rather than job id)