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October 2020
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Improvements are changes to existing features that enhance the operation of Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.
Improvement Description
DM-32243 Data Mover now uses Server Management (CMIC) REST Interface, allowing for easier setup for TVI alerting.
DM-32288 Data Mover healthcheck script now notifies users if they have ARC jobs that are not yet migrated to DSA.
DM-32584 Data Mover now supports an automated repository migration to PostgreSQL as part of the upgrade process
DM-32615 Data Mover now captures logging from to help diagnose problems during upgrades.
DM-32715 Data Mover now supports the PostgreSQL built in synchronization logic for HA feature rather than the DM custom built synchronization logic
DM-32896 Data Mover HA no longer automatically switches back to primary after a failure, eliminating a source of repository corruption.
DM-33269 dm_setup script no longer needs to be executed as a separate step of Data Mover upgrade or fresh install.
DM-33450 Data Mover support bundle execution no longer uses jstack by default to capture thread details of running components because it caused timeout and DSA component issues.