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Teradata Data Mover
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October 2020
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Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.

Issue Description
DM-29890 Data Mover now supports dsa_configsys dbc password that has special characters, such as #.
DM-32574 Data Mover jobs are no longer stuck in the running state due to an exception thrown and not properly caught in the Daemon
DM-32696 Data Mover no longer has missing bytes information in END event for ResourceTypes “DM_PROCESS_SOURCE” and “DM_PROCESS_TARGET” for T2T jobs
DM-32755 Data Mover no longer gets a 6706 error from the Database when copying statistics with Unicode characters between databases that support Unicode pass through feature
DM-33000 Data Mover command line now properly displays the sessions and sessionsUsed values in the task section of status output for TPT jobs.
DM-33042 Data Mover jobs using parameterized start no longer randomly fail to respond to “sync” requests.
DM-33110 Failing to set JAVA_HOME correctly before starting Data Mover upgrade no longer leads to cascade of upgrade problems.
DM-33158 Data Mover now properly supports data movement for all Teradata documented table kinds columns.
DM-33182 Data Mover PUT upgrades no longer fail for DMAgent when customer incorrectly modifies and files.
DM-33339 Data Mover now properly uses temporal table syntax when moving source data into source staging table as part of Data Mover ARC or DSA jobs.
DM-33364 Data Mover command line now properly returns error messages while using the DM REST interface internally.
DM-33421 Data Mover jobs now use appropriate default stream and session values for each job execution for ARC, TPT and DSA jobs.
VPDM-63 Data Mover setup portlet no longer becomes unresponsive when attempting to display its content
VPDM-96 The Data Mover portlets no longer pause for an extended time while trying to display a large number of jobs