16.10 - Improvements - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
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August 2017
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Improvements are new features and changes that enhance product operation. JIRA numbers for improvements are listed in the following table.

Improvement Description
TDBAR-23577 Teradata system needs needs to auto configure to support fold/unfold features based on the discover AMPs information
TDBAR-13471 DSA support to MHM feature
TDBAR-8760 Implement DSA (BARNC) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS
TDBAR-23207 Backup/restore to AWS using S3 and Azure missing features
TDBAR-24861 Support soft-limit settings at the job level (override system settings) the current code looking at hard limit
TDBAR-24708 BAR Operations - Object Browser performance improvement
TDBAR-23978 Update to use DDBoost SDK 3.2
TDBAR-23450 DSU - Enable AWS IAM Roles for S3 access control