16.00 - Improvements - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
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November 2016
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Improvements are new features and changes that enhance product operation. JIRA numbers for improvements are listed in the following table.

Improvement Description
TDBAR-12514 12514 Implement - portlet API to allow the owner/admin to change the password for all the jobs definition pointing to a specific database system.
TDBAR-20336 DSC change to support 16.00 DBS RFC for down amp support
TDBAR-9657 DSA support to Improve restore performance for empty tables
TDBAR-18552 DSA - Relax DSA concurrent restore job limitations
TDBAR-20303 Multiple DSC one Viewpoint
TDBAR-18665 Allow for skipping of collection of statistics for Backup/Restore jobs