16.00 - Release Notes - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
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November 2016
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Release Notes
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Upgrade to DSA 16.00

If you are upgrading to DSA 16.00, you can now have multiple DSCs monitored by one Viewpoint portlet. This feature requires adding the new DSC server through the BAR Setup portlet.

Incremental Backup Restrictions

Incremental backups should not be run in the following cases:
  • The flag, abort on access rights violation, is set to false, and objects were skipped during the backup. An incremental backup should not be run, as the skipped objects will not be picked up in a subsequent incremental backup, even if the access rights issue is resolved prior to running the incremental.
  • A job was resubmitted with the -I option to pick up skipped objects. An incremental backup should not be run on the resulting saveset. Incremental backups are never allowed on savesets created with the -I option or the saveset the -I is based on.