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Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
Release Number
November 2016
English (United States)
Last Update
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The following table lists JIRA numbers for issues resolved for this release.

Issue Description
TDBAR-21551 Duplicate unique prime key error in BAR.job_execution_size.
TDBAR-21851 Exception for preview of a DBC only for a migrated backup job.
TDBAR-21633 Jobs stuck in the queue when Deactivating /Activating a target system. The DSC will not resubmit the jobs.
TDBAR-22454 Need a sleep in the script which consolidates client handler logs to make sure files are closed from DSARest.
TDBAR-21852 Need to block user to run job with -I option when there is incremental runs after run.
TDBAR-22507 Need to update DSA support bundle script to match dsc log file name changes.
TDBAR-22682 Not able to exclude grandchild databases in a DBC archive when defining job via the GUI.
TDBAR-21965 RI table causing the batchUpdate timeout and dbc all job failed intermittently.
TDBAR-22279 Repository Backup job rejected due to SQL exception. The previous execution of the repo backup job did not clear resource.
TDBAR-22220 The system name in the repository BAR should be exactly the same as it in the system macro.
TDBAR-21565 When DSC start ERROR in the log DataStreamController.class:332. Failed delete temporary file: dsc_startup.lock.
TDBAR-21850 Block user to run incremental backup after user has run job using -I option.
TDBAR-22930 Configure system with system name having irregular character didn't return with proper error message.
TDBAR-18961 Create_job failed, "ERROR: Error 1338: Transaction ABORTed due to batchUpdate error occurred in "insertJobObject".
TDBAR-22466 dsa_diagnose reporting incorrect info for directory permissions and incorrect info for NetBackup tunables.
TDBAR-22628 -j will only collect the first bucket of the job_status_log.
TDBAR-22739 problems.
TDBAR-22282 dsc allows create_job and export_job with wrong job_option if dbs system has moved from one dsc to another dsc.
TDBAR-21871 dsc should not let user delete media server and policy from a target group that already has successful backup attached to it.
TDBAR-22534 dsc upgrade should validate the repository connection when the admin user name and password are collected before moving on to the next step, (same as the installation).
TDBAR-21779 import_repository_backup_config doesn't return the right error message when it failed.
TDBAR-21626 job hanged when it fails to save dbs system configuration.
TDBAR-21763 Queued job is not put back to queue if there is DSCRuntime exception during submission.
TDBAR-22217 Synchronize the different job type submitted at the same time.