16.10 - Space Used by Databases and Users - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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On a newly installed system, user DBC initially owns all the space in the database. Teradata recommends that you create special administrative users that belong to DBC and create your databases and users from those special administrative users.

As you create objects or insert data rows, space is allocated as needed from the permanent space of the administrative user who is the immediate owner. If the administrative user grants other users the privilege to create more databases and users, those databases and users can only use the amount of space available to them.

When creating additional databases or users, you must always allocate a permanent space limit. (You define space limits at the database or user level, not at the table level.) The MODIFY DATABASE/USER statement also allows you to specify the maximum limit of temporary, spool, and permanent space allocated for a database and user.

Every database and user has an upper limit of temporary, spool, and permanent space. For more information on the different types of space, see Managing Space: Operational DBAs.

Another method for ensuring adequate space is to use global space accounting. For details, see About Global Space Accounting.