16.10 - Handling an Interrupted Dump Save Operation - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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If a dump save in progress is interrupted, for example the DBS restarts, the dump save is not resumed automatically and the dump does not appear with the csp -mode list command. If a dump save was interrupted, check the messages log to get the name of the crashdump and then use csp -force option to save the crashdump.

If a dump save is run while a node is out of the configuration, the crashdump is saved from the nodes that are currently available but not from the node that is out of the configuration. No error displays if this occurs.

The resulting saved crashdump is eventually a usable crashdump. You can run the following command on the saved crashdump to verify that it is usable:

#csppeek -i -d crashdumpname

where crashdumpname is usually “Crash_yyyymmdd_hhmmss_nn”.

However, the final crashdump does not include the piece of the crashdump from the down node. In other words, the final crashdump will be missing the crashdump information from the down node that is not part of the configuration.