16.10 - About Query Bands and Proxy Users - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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When using a middle-tier application to perform requests to Teradata Database on behalf of an application end user, use the SET QUERY_BAND statement. The SET QUERY_BAND statement adjusts the session active user and allows privilege checking and auditing based upon the PROXYUSER and PROXYROLE name-value pairs. The system validates the privileges of the current user or role to connect as a specified proxy user.

The proxy connection lasts for the life of the query band. The session query band remains set for the session until the session ends or the query band is set to NONE.

The session query band is stored in the session table and recovered after a system reset. The transaction query band is discarded when the transactions ends (commit, rollback, or abort) or the transaction query band is set to NONE. The transaction query band is not restored after a system reset.