16.10 - Suggested Alerts and Thresholds - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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The following table lists key events and the values that constitute either warning or alerts.

Type Event Warning Critical
CPU saturation Average system CPU > x% (x = 95)  
I/O saturation CPU+WIO > x% and WIO > y% (x = 90, y = 20)  
Query blocked Query or Session blocked on a resource for longer than x minutes, and by whom (x = 60)  
Entire system blocked Total number of blocked processes > x   (x = 10)
User exceeding normal usage Number of sessions per user >x (with an exclusion list, and custom code to roll up sessions by user) (x = 4)  
“Hot Node” or “Hot AMP” problem Inter-node or inter-AMP parallelism is less than x% for more than 10 minutes (x=10)  
Disk space Disk Use > x% (vproc) (x=90) (x=95)
Product Join Average BYNET > x% (system) (x=50)  
System restart Restart   SNMP
Node down Node is down   SNMP
Heartbeat query Timeout   SNMP