16.10 - DBQL Collection Recommendations - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Administration

Teradata Database
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April 2018
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English (United States)
  • All usage should be logged in DBQL 24x7.
  • Flush the DBQL cache every 10 minutes. See Options for Flushing the DBQL Cache.
  • Log usage in DBQL at the user account level:

    Recommendation for account string setup is as follows: $W00MSIR&D&H, where:

    • $W00 = Workload performance category. Possible values include $R00 for Timeshare Top, $H00 for Timeshare High, $M00 for Timeshare Medium, and $L00 for Timeshare Low.
      This optional classification is in effect only when TASM or TIWM classification processes cannot match the request to a user-defined workload.
    • MSIR = Application/workload name, such as FINB for Finance and Batch.
    • &D&H = ASE variables: date and hour