16.10 - Revision History - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Administration

Teradata Database
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April 2018
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English (United States)
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April 2018 16.10 Reflected schema changes in several DBQL topics:
  • Updated the instructions and examples in Shredding the Data in the DBQLXMLLockTbl.
  • Replaced Output of Shredding.
  • Added a new topic: Investigating Deadlocks: Querying Shredded_LockTbl.
November 2017 16.10 Added these tables generated by LockLogShredder.SP_CreateTable() to the DBQL chapter:
  • Shredded_LockTbl (blocking transaction lock shredding target table)
  • Shredded_TransTbl (blocked transaction lock shredding target table)
June 2017 16.10 Made the following changes for this release:
  • Added a chapter Using Maps to Position Table Data across AMPs.
  • Added an appendix TDMaps Databases and Views.
  • Added MAPS-related examples to Example Requests for Space Information.
  • Removed almost all content about the Archive/Restore utility, which is not compatible with Teradata Database MAPS Architecture.
  • Rewrote discussions of account strings to reflect current usage recommendations for SLES 11 systems and to explain that TASM workload classification normally assigns priorities to requests instead of account strings.
  • Removed obsolete references to performance groups.
  • Renamed Unity Director to Teradata Unity.
  • Clarified an IN LIST maximum in the limits appendix.
  • Removed some TASM topics that are explained more completely in Teradata Workload Management User Guide, B035-1197.
December 2016 16.00 Added the following changes for this release:
  • Users can set a different query band value for a session or transaction than the value in a profile.
  • DBAs can prevent a user with a certain profile from setting specific query band values.
  • Users can obtain complete information about view columns via DBC.ColumnsQV[X] or DBC. ColumnsJQV[X].
  • Global Space Accounting.
  • The Flex Throttle field appears in DBQLogTbl and QryLogV.
  • Release 16.0 changes to the DBQL Data Dictionary tables and views.
  • DBQL feature use logging.
  • Load isolation enhancements.
  • DBAs can load unsupported Unicode characters with Unicode Pass Through.
  • An archived table can adopt the system-level block-level compression values from the target system.
  • 1 MB PERM and Response Rows.
  • The maximum number of fields in a USING row descriptor is now 2,536.
  • A BLC table archived to a new system can either keep the original compression values or inherit the default compression values of the target system.

Removed the following references to products that are no longer supported:

  • Teradata Meta Data Services.
  • Teradata Administrator. Replaced those with references to Teradata Studio and BTEQ.