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April 2018
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The ExclusionListsV[X] views are security zone constrained views that contain object lists and the objects (database, table, join index, or hash index) included in each list. The exclusion object lists specify objects that are not to be moved. ExclusionListsVX returns only the objects to which the user has access.


ObjectList contains the name of the table, join index, or hash index defined in DatabaseName. If NULL, all objects in DatabaseName are included in the list.


DictionaryDatabase is an optional column to define where the data dictionary tables are stored. This should be set when running AnalyzeSP on a system that is different from the system where the Exclusions are defined. The contents of Maps, Dbase, TVM, TVFields, DBQLStepTbl, ObjectUsage, and DatabaseSpace for the objects to analyze need to be copied from the source system to DictionaryDatabase on the system where AnalyzeSP and CreateExclusionListSP will be run. Note that the following views need to be created in DictionaryDatabase: Tables2V, Databases2V, MapsV, QryLogStepsV, ColumnsV, InsertUseCountV, UpdateUseCountV, DeleteUseCountV, and DiskSpaceV. Finally, the rows written to ActionsTbl need to be copied to the source system.