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April 2018
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You can use Target Level Emulation to obtain all necessary target system cost profile data. The general procedure is to use Teradata System Emulation Tool to save a copy of the DBC.CostProfiles and DBC.ConstantValues rows for the active cost profile on the target system, and then to install these as variable profiles on the emulation system.

Target system cost profile information is associated with the TLE cost segment row in SystemFE.Opt_Cost_Table.

This information consists of the following data.

  • Profile type
  • Profile name
  • Profile category
  • Any rows for that profile from the DBC.ConstantValues table

To enable optimizer cost profile system DIAGNOSTIC statements in combination with Target Level Emulation, you must set the EnableCostProfileTLE parameter of DBS Control to TRUE.

If the DBS Control parameter EnableSetCostProfile is set to 0, Teradata Database automatically sets EnableCostProfileTLE to FALSE. This cannot be changed independently.

To solve the problem, ensure that the EnableSetCostProfile parameter is set to a value other than 0 and then set the EnableCostProfileTLE parameter to TRUE.