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April 2018
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Default rows are stored in the DBC.DBQLogTbl table, the foundation of the DBQL feature. The default is one default row per query.

Use the LIMIT SUMMARY and LIMIT THRESHOLD options to control whether a default row is logged for a query. Using:

  • LIMIT THRESHOLD reduces the amount of logged rows to one row for each query above the threshold limit. Other queries are counted in the DBQLSummaryTbl.
  • LIMIT SUMMARY eliminates default row logging and counts all queries in four “buckets” based on the limit criteria.

In addition to the default row logging, you may specify a WITH option to log OBJECTS, SQL, STEPINFO and/or EXPLAIN. The LIMIT THRESHOLD can accept SQL, STEPINFO and/or OBJECTS combination.

If you specify the WITH options that result in more detailed information, a default row is still generated in DBQLogTbl.