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April 2018
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The following table describes the fields in a DBQLParamTbl row.

DBC.DBQLParamTbl field Description
CollectTimeStamp Time the query log was generated.
ParamInfo Name, type, position, and value for each parameter in the parameterized request.

Where the parameter marker or positional parameter is “?” in the request, DBQL replaces the variable names with system-generated names P1 to P n. The numbering 1 to nstands for the parameter positions from left to right as they appear in the request text.

ProcID ID of the processor that handled the request being logged.
QueryID Query ID of the parameterized request.
ZoneID Reserved for future use.

The TD_DBQLParam embedded services function converts the contents of the BLOB type ParamInfo column into JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format for use in diagnosing parameterized query problems.