16.10 - Mode Logging Option - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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English (United States)
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The following option controls which CPU/IO collection algorithm Teradata uses for this query logging request.

Parameter Logging Behavior
MODE = m The CPU/IO collection algorithm to use for this query logging request, as specified by m. Possible values are:
  • 0 = Use the default value for this release (algorithm 1).
  • 1 = Use the classic algorithm 1 with step adjustments.
  • 2 = Use AMP algorithm 2 (diagnostic only).
  • 3 = Use AM mP algorithm 3 (which includes data on aborted and parallel steps).

If you do not specify MODE, the algorithm is controlled by the DBS Control utility field DBQL CPU/IO Collection. For more information, see Utilities.

You must have the EXECUTE privilege on DBC.DBQLModeMacro to use this option.