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April 2018
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The QryLogExplainDoc[V] view is populated if the WITH EXPLAIN option is requested in addition to the information row. QryLogExplainDoc[V] provides a view into DBQLExplainTbl that combines multiple rows of ExplainText with the same QueryID into a single ExplainTextDoc document.

The following table describes the fields in QryLogExplainDoc[V].

QryLogExplainDoc[V] Field Description
ProcID Unique processor ID of the Dispatcher and part of the multi-column NUPI (also see CollectTimeStamp).
CollectTimestamp Time that the rows were written to the database. This field is also part of the multicolumn NUPI (also see ProcID).
QueryID Internally generated identifier of the query and the FK to other DBQL tables.
QueryID is a system-wide unique field; You can use QueryID to join DBQL tables or the DBC.TdwmExceptionLog table with DBQL tables without needing ProcID as an additional join field.
ExplainTextDoc ExplainTextDoc combines multiple ExplainText rows with the same QueryID into a single document as CLOB type.