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April 2018
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The QryLogSQL[V] view is populated if you request that SQL is shown for a query along with the default information. The WITH SQL option causes DBQL to attempt to log the full statement text, no matter how large, into the DBQLSQLTbl table. Multiple rows are generated as necessary. The following table lists the populated fields in the QryLogSQL[V] view.

QryLogSQL[V] Field Description
CollectTimestamp Time that the rows were written to the database. This field is also part of the multi-column NUPI (see also ProcID).

For more information on CollectTimeStamp, see Comparing CollectTimeStamp Value Between Tables.

ProcID Unique processor ID of the Dispatcher and part of the multi-column NUPI (also see CollectTimeStamp).
QueryID Internally-generated identifier of the query.
SqlRowNo Row number of the statement. Value is 1 unless the statement is large and requires multiple rows.
SqlTextInfo A full SQL text segment, a string of up to approximately 32,000 characters.
BTEQ has a limited column length. Use Teradata Studio to display longer lengths.