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April 2018
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The QryLogSQLDoc[V] view is populated if you request that SQL is shown for a query along with the default information. The WITH SQL option causes DBQL to attempt to log the full statement text, no matter how large, into the DBQLSQLTbl table.

QryLogSQLDoc[V] combines multiple rows of SQLTextInfo with the same QueryID into a single SQLTextDoc document. The following table lists the populated fields in the QryLogSQLDoc[V] view.

QryLogSQLDoc[V] Field Description
CollectTimestamp Time that the rows were written to the database. This field is also part of the multi-column NUPI (see also ProcID).

For more information on CollectTimeStamp, see Comparing CollectTimeStamp Value Between Tables.

ProcID Unique processor ID of the Dispatcher and part of the multi-column NUPI (also see CollectTimeStamp).
QueryID Internally generated identifier of the query.
SqlTextDoc Combines multiple SQLTextInfo rows with the same QueryID into a single XML document as CLOB type.