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April 2018
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To exclude tables, join indexes, or hash indexes from the list to analyze and reassign to different maps, use procedures to create an empty list of exclusions and then add objects to it. In the following example, a DBA creates an exclusion list named 'MyExclusions' consisting of all tables in database 'Payroll', an individual table 'Employee.Withholding', and all tables in database 'Taxes' whose names begin with 'Rate'.
CALL TDMaps.AddExclusionListEntrySP('MyExclusions', 'Payroll', NULL,:NumObjectsAdded);
CALL TDMaps.AddExclusionListEntrySP('MyExclusions', 'Employee', 'Withholding',:NumObjectsAdded);
CALL TDMaps.AddExclusionListEntrySP('MyExclusions', 'Taxes', 'Rate%',:NumObjectsAdded);

The result is that these tables are marked as exclude in the ActionsTbl and will not be considered for redistribution to other AMPs. The list of excuded objects is visible in the view TDMaps.ExclusionLists[V][X].

For more information on these procedures, including the syntax, see SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates.