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April 2018
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The results of AnalyzeSP appear in TDMaps.ActionsTbl, with one row for every table that was analyzed for optimal map use. Tables are either marked as ALTER (meaning that Teradata recommends assigning the table to a new map) or EXCLUDE (meaning that the table is already assigned to a suitable map or does not meet the criteria for map reassignment). If DBQL step logging was considered in the analysis, tables are grouped by recommended proximity. Without DBQL input, tables are grouped by database. Within each grouping, the order is based on table size.

Teradata recommends that tables are assigned to the smallest sparse map possible. If the table is too large for a sparse map, Teradata recommends that the table is assigned to a contiguous map. ActionsTbl also describes issues that may prevent recommended map reassignments from occurring.

To examine the Advisor results, query ActionsTbl. For example:
SELECT Action, DatabaseName, TableName, GroupOrder
FROM TDMaps.ActionsTbl
WHERE ActionListName = 'MyMoveTableList'
ORDER BY 1, 4, 3, 2;
Action	   DatabaseName  TableName               GroupOrder
Alter         db2           JoinTab1                   1
Alter         db2           JoinTab2                   1
Alter         db2           OtherTab                   2
Alter         db1           LargeTab                   3
Alter         db1           MediumTab                  3
Exclude       db1           TinyTab                 NULL
Exclude       db2           SmallTab                NULL
Exclude       db3           SmallToMediumTab        NULL