16.10 - About Using ASE With Client Utilities - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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Except for the utilities and variables noted in the table that follows, you can use ASE with any utility that uses a standard Teradata Database interface to log on, including:

  • BTEQ
  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • Teradata Parallel Transporter
  • TPump (except for &T)
  • FastExport
  • Teradata Studio

The exceptions are described in the following table.

Do not use … With … Because …
TPump &T &T generates a row in AMPUsage for nearly every SQL statement.
PMPC statement any ASE code requests generated are not parsed and substituting variables cannot be expanded.
ARC any ASE code ARC generates two kinds of requests:
  • SQL type requests that go through the Parser and expand the ASE variables.
  • Direct requests from ARCMAIN to the AMP that bypass the Parser. As a result, substitution variables are not expanded, so the rows in DBC.AMPUsage contain literal ASE codes rather than the expected date, hour, and timestamp values.