16.10 - Background - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Administration

Teradata Database
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The Teradata Mainframe Interface enables communication between a mainframe client and a Teradata Database server using a channel with either a parallel or serial I/O interface. In the case of the Extended Channel Solution (ECS), the Teradata Mainframe Interface uses a channel plus TCP/IP.

The ECS interface includes:

  • The TCHN software on the TPA node, which manages channel devices and communicates with Teradata Database
  • The APSV software on the ECS node, which encapsulates channel write blocks and sends them to the Teradata system via TCP/IP

The Teradata Channel Interface hardware and the driver may be located on a TPA node or on the Extended Channel Solution (ECS) node. The ECS node provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces exposure to Teradata outages induced by adapter faults
  • Enables improved mainframe connectivity to a greater number of nodes within the Teradata Database system
  • Creates more options for users connecting Teradata Database to a mainframe

Current platforms can be connected with the PEFA—PCI Bus FICON Host Channel Adapter.