16.10 - Overview of Establishing Users - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Administration

Teradata Database
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April 2018
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To establish users for the first time, perform all the tasks in this chapter completely and in the order presented.

  1. Group potential database users by functional group and determine database access needs. See Assessing Database User Needs.
  2. Set up accounts to track resource usage and assign workload priorities. See Creating User Accounts.
  3. Set up profiles to define resources, account assignments, and password control parameters for groups of users. See Creating User Profiles.
  4. Create database users and assign profiles, space and accounts. See Working with Database Users.
  5. Create roles to define privileges for users groups and grant role membership to users. See Using Roles to Manage User Privileges.
  6. Grant additional privileges that are not suitable for role assignment directly to users. See Granting Privileges Directly To Users.