Creating an Upgrade Plan - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Node Software Upgrade Guide: Overview and Preparation

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The upgrade plan outlines the implementation, test, backout, and recovery plans for the upgrade process. Subsequent chapters in this document provide more information that will help you create the plan. Your Teradata CSR creates the upgrade plan for Business Critical and SWI customers.

Customers who choose to perform maintenance or patch/efix upgrades unassisted can access a Teradata Database Upgrade Guide specific to their hardware platform, operating system, and Teradata Database release through Teradata @ Your Service. These guides provide details for the activities and procedures used in the specific upgrade context. Teradata CSRs can access documentation for major upgrades specific to the hardware platform, operating system and Teradata Database release to assist in preparing the upgrade plan.

The plan should include all other activities that are required for the system either before or after the actual upgrade. These activities may require a separate Change Control incident, and include such items as:

  • Updates to system components, such as the Administration Workstation (AWS), node memory, or firmware
  • Implementation of a Teradata Open Backup solution, if not already in place
  • Upgrading to the latest required Teradata Tools and Utilities
  • Third party applications that communicate with the database must be compatible with the Teradata Database software, such as BusinessObjects, Microstrategies, etc.
  • Teradata applications that communicate with the Teradata database, such as CRM, TMSM, Viewpoint, etc.

The plan must designate who is responsible for performing all activities associated with the upgrade: Teradata CS, Teradata Professional Services (PS), the customer, or another vendor. Include a timeline in the plan, showing when each of the activities will be performed.

The Change Control incident number is included with the plan. Business Critical and SWI customer upgrade plans are reviewed and approved by Teradata CS before the upgrade begins.