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Teradata Database Node Software Upgrade Guide: Overview and Preparation

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You must implement an Open Teradata Backup (OTB) solution so you can archive data prior to the upgrade. If you do not already have an OTB solution installed, contact your Teradata account representative to initiate installing this solution. Teradata recommends that OTB planning, delivery, and mentoring be implemented one to three months in advance of a planned Teradata Database upgrade.

Refer to the Open Teradata Backup Release Definition for the network software that supports your Teradata Database release. The document can be downloaded from:

Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) enables you to back up and restore your Teradata Database Release 14.10 or later data using Teradata Viewpoint portlets and Symantec NetBackup, and is an alternative to the ARC-based BAR architecture. It can co-exist with BAR applications on the same BAR hardware. Refer to the Teradata Data Stream Architecture User Guide for more information.

Legacy BAR software only restores from legacy BAR archives, and DSA only supports restores of DSA archives.

Using Hardware Compression with Teradata DSA

When using Data Stream Architecture to restore an archive made on a source system with hardware block-level compression, you must install the hardware compression driver package (teradata-expressdx) on the target system, even if it is not set up for hardware compression, so the target can read the compressed archive.

The teradata-expressdx driver package is provided with systems that are equipped with compression hardware.