15.10 - ResUsageSawt Table Overview - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Resource Usage Macros and Tables

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April 2016
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The ResUsageSawt table contains:

  • The current and maximum number of AMP Worker Tasks in use by work type
  • Flow control information

You can use the ResUsageSawt table to:

  • Report the pattern in AMP Worker Task usage for standard or expedited work types.
  • Monitor the length of each message queue of the AMP, the queue which holds work messages from the Dispatcher that are waiting to get an AMP Worker Task.
  • Identify if one or more AMPs have entered the state of flow control, and how often, during the logging interval.

If you enable table logging, the data is written to the database once for each log period.

To consolidate and summarize the total number of rows written to the database, you can enable Summary Mode. For details, see Summary Mode.

Teradata recommends that you use ResSawtView to access the data rather than accessing the ResUsageSawt table directly. For more information, see Resource Usage Views.

This table is created as a MULTISET table. For more information see Relational Primary Index.