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Teradata Database Resource Usage Macros and Tables

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April 2016
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The ResUsageShst table spare fields are named Spare00 through Spare09, and SpareInt.

The SpareInt field has a 32-bit internal resolution while all other spare fields have a 64-bit internal resolution. All spare fields default to count but can be converted to min, max, or track mode fields if needed when they are used.

Column Name Description
Spare00 - Spare01 Reserved for future use.
Spare02 Identifies the host ID value.
  • For IBMECS, the value is in decimal format RRRRRAAAUUUNNN, where:

    RRRRR = laddr = 5 digit Link address

    AAA = cua = 3 digit Channel unit address

    UUU = lcu = 3 digit Logical control unit address

    NNN = lchan = 3 digit Logical channel number

  • For IBMNET, the value is the host group ID.
  • For NETWORK and IBMMUX, the value is BBMMPPHHH, where:

    BB = Bus

    MM = Module Number (or chassis number)

    PP = Port

    HHH = Three digit host group ID

    Each of the fields above get two or three decimal digits of the resulting nine digit value.
    The chassis number is always zero for networks connected hosts.

In Summary Mode, the value is always -1.

Spare03 -Spare09, SpareInt Reserved for future use.