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Teradata Database Resource Usage Macros and Tables

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April 2016
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These columns report statistics about the AMP Worker Tasks. For more information about the ResUsageSawt table and columns, see ResUsageSawt Table.

The data is reporting the contribution of the respective WD to the column and the values are not the same as the values reported in the ResUsageSawt table. The ResUsageSps table values should add up to the ResUsageSawt table for columns like WorkTypeInuse. The Max columns will not be able to be correlated to the ResUsageSawt table Max values in such a direct way since the ResUsageSps Max columns report the Max value of the ResUsageSps table InUse column for the WD and not the Max value of the ResUsageSawt table for all the WDs combined.

Column Name Mode Description Data Type
AwtReleases count Number of AMP Worker Tasks released (that is, completed requests) while the NumRequests column reports the number of AMP Worker Task requests that arrived. For details, see NumRequests. FLOAT
WorkTypeInuse00 -WorkTypeInuse15 track Current number of AMP Worker Tasks in use for each work type. FLOAT
WorkTypeMax00 - WorkTypeMax15 max Maximum of the WorkTypeInuse values reported during the logging period. When multiple data samples occur during the reporting period the value is the maximum of the sampled values.

The true maximum number of in-use AMP Worker Tasks of a WorkType may occur at a different time during the reporting period and not be seen and, therefore, not be reported.