15.10 - Macro Output Format - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Resource Usage Macros and Tables

Teradata Database
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April 2016
English (United States)
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Resource usage macros provide output in the following general format.

<Report Date>             <Title of Report>             Page <num>
                         1st    2nd      1st      2nd      3rd
  Date     Time   Type    Id     Id     Stat     Stat     Stat ...
-------- -------- ---- ------ ------ ------- -------- --------
99/99/99 99:99:99 AAAA 999-99 999-99 999.99% 99999.99 99999.99
                                     999.99% 99999.99 99999.99
                  AAAA 999-99 999-99 999.99% 99999.99 99999.99
                       999-99 999-99 999.99% 99999.99 99999.99
         99:99:99 AAAA 999-99 999-99 999.99% 99999.99 99999.99


Column Description
Date The date at the end of a log interval.
Time The time at the end of a log interval. Statistics on each line cover the time period ending at the indicated time.
Type A virtual processor type, logical device type, host type, or a special type for certain reports.
1st ID, 2nd ID, etc. The appropriate identifier, which varies, depending on the macro. It is one or more of the following:
  • NodeID
  • VprocID
  • HostID
  • GroupID
1st Stat, 2nd Stat, etc. The appropriate statistics. Details are given with the descriptions of each macro in this chapter.

Numbers are generally displayed with the appropriate fixed format (for example, 'zzzz9.99') unless the number represents a percentage or sum of percentages.

Percentages are displayed with the appropriate format (for example, 'zz9.9%', 'zz9' or 'zz9.99').

Unless otherwise specified, all statistical numbers are expressed as either:

  • Percentage
  • Millisecond (ms)
  • Kilobyte (KB)

Columns whose values depend on the logging rate are never reported as raw data. Instead, they are converted to a normalized value, such as per second.

All reports are ordered by date, time, type, 1st ID, 2nd ID, and so forth. Repeated date, time, type, and ID column values are suppressed until a new row presents a different value.