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Teradata Database Resource Usage Macros and Tables

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April 2016
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The reports generated by the ResNetByNode, the ResNetOneNode, and the ResNetByGroup macros, output the following:

Column... Reports the...
% Retries percent of total net circuit attempts that caused software backoffs (BNS service-blocked occurrences).
This value reflects how many times the hardware backed off a connection because the switch nodes could not route to the end point. That implies that the end point was busy or, in switch node terms, the routing path was busy. A value over 100% does not imply a problem, but shows that there were multiple attempts to send new messages while the Bynet path was busy. On a busy system, this can be a normal level of activity.
Total Reads/ Sec average number of net reads per second.
Total Writes/ Sec average number of net writes per second.
Total IOs/ Sec average number of net reads and writes per second.
KB/ IO average KB per net read or write.
% PtP percent of total net reads and writes that are point-to-point reads and writes.
% Brd percent of total net reads and writes that are broadcast reads and writes.
In the following examples, the NodeID column appears only in the ResNetByNode output report. The GroupID column only appears in the ResNetByGroup output report. For all the examples, the values in the Total Reads/ Sec and Total Writes/ Sec are expected to be equal on SMP (single-node, vnet) systems.

ResNetByNode Examples

exec resNetByNode(,,,,,);

exec resNetOneNode(,,,,);

exec resNetByGroup(,,,);