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Teradata Database SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

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December 2015
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Programming Reference
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Name component of a query band specification.

The maximum size for each pair_name is 128 UNICODE characters. For more information about database object names, see SQL Fundamentals, B035-1141.

The number of pair_name=pair_value pairs is limited to the maximum length of the string, which is 2,048 UNICODE characters, including pad characters.

You must enclose the set of name=value pairs for the query band with APOSTROPHE characters. If an APOSTROPHE character is embedded within a pair name, you must type it twice, to escape it. Otherwise, the system interprets it as a pair_name=pair_value string terminator.

pair_name cannot contain any of the following characters.

  • a null
Do not specify reserved pair names. For a list of reserved query band names, see SQL Data Definition Language - Detailed Topics, B035-1184.