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December 2015
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Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

The collation is as follows:

  1. Characters and symbols from the JIS X 0201 standard (in JIS X 0201 order).
  2. Ideographs, characters, and symbols from the JIS X 0208 standard (in JIS X 0208 order).
  3. Ideographs, characters, and symbols from the JIS 0212 standard (in JIS X 0212 order).
  4. IBM Kanji ideographs not present in JIS X 0208 and JIS X 0212 (in KanjiEBCDIC order).
  5. User-defined ideographs (in U+ order).
  6. Any remaining characters in Unicode (in U+ order).

Treatment of KANJISJIS, GRAPHIC, and LATIN character types is as if the data were first converted to Unicode and then the appropriate JIS_COLL ordering is applied.

Do not specify JIS_COLL collation for the KANJI1 character set.