15.10 - WITH INSERT - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

Teradata Database
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December 2015
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Programming Reference
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Insert into save_table any row for which a partitioning expression evaluates to a value outside the valid range of 1 through the number of partitions defined for that level. The non-valid row is inserted into the save_table and deleted from the source table.

This option is valid only for row-partitioned tables. You cannot specify the WITH clause for join indexes.

Optional keyword to precede save table specification.
save_table and the table being altered must be different tables. Also, the save_table must have the same number of columns as the table being modified and the column data types must match. You can use this option with row-level security-protected tables as long as the tables referenced in the request are all row-level security-protected and they are all be defined with the same row-level security constraints. If you do not specify the constraint values to be inserted into the target table, Teradata Database takes the constraint values for the target table from the source table.